Starving Venezuelans Haul Off Vending Machines in Mass Looting Attack


A mass looting happened in Venezuela this week and it’s a prime example of why we don’t want socialism in America.

Images were caught in Maracay, the capital of Aragua state of starving citizens hauling off vending machines and looting stores for food and other items. Two decades of socialist rule is what has brought Venezuela to this state of poverty. This should be a learning lesson for those who support socialism in America.

From Breitbart:

According to witnesses on the ground, one man was shot and killed by police, while a soldier was also killed while attempting to control the situation.

The problem of looting has been widespread in Venezuela since the country’s descent into economic collapse, precipitated by nearly two decades of socialist rule. A study conducted last September found that a majority of people go to bed hungry, while 15 percent of people are forced to eat garbage just to survive. There are also mass shortages of basic resources such as medicine, sanitary products, and electricity, many of which are sold at extortionate prices on the black market.

In February 2017, the Venezuela’s Living Conditions Survey found that 75 percent of Venezuelans had lost about 8.5kg (19lbs) in 2016, 82.8 percent of Venezuelans were living in poverty, 93 percent cannot afford food, and approximately one million Venezuelan school children do not attend school “due to hunger and a lack of public services.”

Police and media have documented dozens of looting incidents across Venezuela, which include starved residents of Carabobo emptying a truck of powdered milk and supporters of former leader Hugo Chávez’s regime brawling over a bag of onions.

This is Bernie and Jane Sanders world and all you Bernie supporters and socialism supporters, this will be how you live. If you want your 1st world comforts, dump the socialism or kiss them goodbye!

It fails everywhere it is tried, but insane people will keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. Thank the Lord the people of our country didn’t make the mistake of electing Bernie to the presidency. This is the kind of world he wanted the American people to live in while he amassed a fortune. You people are genius! Thank you for electing President Trump!

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