President Trump doesn’t bow down to Saudi King like Obama did


President Trump got a royal welcome when he and the first lady arrived in Saudi Arabia today; Trump shook the king’s hand in a stark contrast to Obama bowing down to him in 2009.

President Trump started his 9-day foreign tour today, May 20th, making his first stop in Saudi Arabia. All of America is noticing the major differences between President Trump and the Obama’s while visiting this foreign country. The biggest difference was the very noticeable bowing down of former president Obama to the Saudi king and President Trump’s handshake while standing tall.

From BizPac Review:

Melania and Ivanka Trump accompanied the president, and made a statement by not covering their hair—which is almost unheard of in oppressive Saudi Arabia, where women must cover their heads in a hijab or niqab.

Hillary Clinton wore a headscarf during her visits to Saudi Arabia as secretary of state, where she bowed to a Saudi prince.

Despite the mainstream media narrative that President Trump has alienated our Muslim allies with his tough stance on Islamic terrorism, he was treated like a king all around Riyadh, where photos of Trump and the American flag were prominently displayed.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel projected a stunning five-story portrait of Trump on the side of its building.

While President Trump is in Saudi Arabia will will be urging it’s leaders to stand up against Radical Islamic terrorists. Peace through strength! Our President and First Lady will represent American and Christian
traditions. No apologies!! No bowing down…. so PROUD of our President and First Lady!!

President Trump is receiving a lot of respect internationally because we are recognized as a player on the world stage again. It’s a new day and America will lead from strength. God Bless and protect President Trump and his family.

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