Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Exposes Massive Voting Scandal


President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission is catching a lot of flack and isn’t receiving help from liberal states and some republican states… This scandal is bigger than Trump expected…

The roadblock that Co-chairmen V.P. Mike Pence and Kris Kobach have been hitting hard is receiving the personal information of voters from different states in order to verify the vote totals. This “highly sensitive” information is given up to the government daily by citizens, so what’s the problem?

From Patriot Crier:

Pence and Koback asked for data including voters’ dates of birth, political party, last four digits of Social Security numbers, felon status and military status. WTF?  The federal government already has all of this information on every American citizen.  And, citizens are the only people who should be voting – right?

The only disconnect between the federal database and the states’ databases in this instance are who voted and who didn’t.  Who voted, not how they voted.  How does that threaten anyone’s privacy? 

This over-reaction from both Blue and Red states suggests a much bigger problem than even President Trump has alleged.

Granted, anytime the federal government sticks its nose in the business of the states is a delicate matter that may threaten the Tenth Amendment.  But, simply asking for proof of voters’ right to vote would appear to be an effort to protect the integrity of the vote for every American without violating the privacy rights of anyone.

It’s time for a federal voter ID cards, it’s time to prove you’re an American citizen! If the states didn’t have something to hide they would do as requested. Not that any of that info is very sensitive or private. The feds have it… Let’s verify who is voting already!

Funny how the democrats were all about investigating “voter fraud” when Donald Trump won the election. Now that he’s seriously launched an investigation into voter fraud, nobody wants to help the investigation!

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