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Tucker Visibly Stunned When ‘Calexit’ Advocate Actually Admits What He Wants to Do With Middle Class


California has officially gone to the dark side and their threat to secede has never sounded so appealing.

Tucker Carlson had a very enlightening debate with an advocate for ‘calexit’ named Shankar Singam. During the interview Singam revealed that he is pleased with the middle class leaving in order to make more room for incoming immigrants. Seriously?

Via IJR:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson battled a “Calexit” advocate on Wednesday over the effort to have California actually secede from the United States.

But Carlson was left visibly dumbfounded when the guest, Shankar Singam, admitted that he was glad the middle class was being driven out of California.

“In regards to the middle class leaving, that’s actually a good thing,” he said. “We need these spots opened up for the new wave of immigrants to come up. It’s what we do. We’re exporting our middle class to the United States — you guys should be thanking us for that.”

Stunned by his guest’s honesty, Carlson replied:

“Dude … I don’t know if this is like a parody segment, you’re punking me, or you’re really high and you’re just telling the truth because high people do — but you just said you’re happy to be exporting the middle class in your state. Now, I happen to believe that your policy makers are happy that they’re leaving, but the fact that you’re admitting this on live TV. Bottom line, are you being serious?”

Watch Here:

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