SO MUCH WINNING: Number of People Collecting Unemployment Hits 17-Year Low


The number of people collecting unemployment hits a 7 -year low under President Trump.

The last time that states handed out fewer unemployment checks was in April of 2000. I’m sure all of the new manufacturing jobs being added are a huge help. The deportation of illegal immigrants is helpful too.

From Breitbart:

Jobless claims fell by 49,000 to 1.98 million, which marks just the second time over the past eight years that the claims dropped below two million. The first time continuing claims dropped below the two million mark was in March.

First-time jobless claims, however, increased by 10,000 to 244,000 over a seven day period from April 9 to April 15. But the number of new applicants for unemployment benefits has been less than 300,000 for a period of 111 weeks straight, the longest streak of continuously low application numbers since the early 1970s.

There is a “steady downtrend in place in the pace of layoffs,” Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities, told CBS Marketwatch. The monthly average of jobless claims also decreased slightly by 4,250 from the previous week to 243,000.

The unemployment number is important but not as important as the number of people on welfare. That’s the number we have to get down. In 2012 109 million people were on it. That’s 1/3 of the country! That number has to drop next. President Trump has a lot of work on his hands. 

I’m interested to see how the job market and welfare system will look in the next 4 years. What do you think? Please share below! Thanks.

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