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US Marine Patrolling US Border Has A Terrifying Warning For Americans After What He Found


A former US Marine and current member of a group patrolling the border has a chilling message for Americans, especially those who believe in open borders.

Those who are left wing leaning citizens believe that President Trump’s stance on immigration is xenophobic but if they believed what was really going on at the border, they would understand. Here’s the information that all Americans need to know and believe. Not everyone has a loving open heart. America is a target for many terrorist groups.

From Freedom Daily:

“In an interview with Dennis Michael Lynch, a former U.S. Marine who served in the Middle East is now an active member of a border group that patrols the southern border. He is a former bomb expert trained by the Department of Defense. Known to his pals as “Talon,” he shared his thoughts about the “other than Mexicans” that have been coming through the border for years.

“The Chinese and Middle Eastern people coming through the border are not coming here to cut our lawns and wash dishes. They hate us with a passion,” said Talon. When referring to the Muslims who hate the U.S. he said, “We are the infidels and they think we deserve to die.”

DML asked him how long until another 9/11? Talon answered, “I’m shocked it hasn’t happened yet. Let me tell you that once they figure out how to get a nuke through the border, we will lose a U.S. city.”

There are congressional reports that reveal the drug cartels work with terror groups from the Middle East.”

This is a warning that is dead on. Unfortunately, most dems will ignore. They have yet to figure out that they will lose in the end too. All of their money, their positions in the government, homes, possibly even their lives and the lives of  their families. Where is your common sense? You are being led like sheep to the slaughter of our nation! Wake up people!

Thank you Marine Dennis Lynch, and all of the Military Personnel, for your SERVICE in protecting us and our freedoms. God Bless all of you.

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