The Best “Why I’m a Democrat” Sign of ALL TIME


Get ready for THE BEST Democrat sign of all time! Hahaha!

Even the Democratic Party politicians apparently don’t work either! They’re too busy causing trouble instead of doing their jobs!


I don’t think ALL Dems are lazy BUT most are being fooled by the liberal status quo in media, movies, etc. The way their agenda is being pushed into most schools is truly terrible. There’s no point in trying to reason with them though, because their obstinance is off the charts.

The fixation on Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians is crazy. They are following the excuse that Hillary came up with on the night she lost. Grown ups look in the mirror and look to themselves as the cause of their failures. Dems are not choosing the adult route.


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Everything is not as it seems. Always be cautious and beware the wolf in sheep's clothing. The mainstream media has an agenda, and so do I. I am here to set the record straight.

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