You Can’t Condemn Trump for Giving Secrets to the Russians While Applauding Chelsea Manning


It is pure hypocrisy when you condemn President Trump for giving secrets to the Russians while applauding Chelsea Manning and calling him a “true hero.”

Chelsea Manning served 7 years on a 35 year sentence, got gender reassignment surgery on government money and had his/her sentence commuted by Barack Obama. Where is the outrage? I want to know. Anyone remember Bergdahl? Barack Obama traded 5 senior, high ranking enemy prisoners for a ‘deserter’? Where’s the outrage??

Liberals are crying “impeach him!” over President Trump’s release of sensitive information to Russia. They have their pitchforks ready over those claims.

From IJR:

Compounding the hypocrisy is the release of Chelsea Manning from prison Wednesday morning. Manning didn’t just share bits and pieces of information (as Trump and Hillary are accused of doing and did), Manning released a literal colossal mountain of classified info. A staggering 700,000+ classified documents were given up for the taking.

The traitorous act made those who work in the intelligence and military community seethe. The release crippled programs and put lives in danger. Manning got 35 years but had it whittled down to seven by Obama in the twilight of his term.

As of today, Manning is free, with taxpayer benefits.

Manning’s actions should not be applauded by anyone on either side of the political perspective. However, social media was swamped today with congratulations and back-slapping for Manning, particularly by the ideological left and libertarian, who recently hyperventilated over Trump’s sharing 1/1000th of the information Manning did.

To top it off, Manning was convicted and proven GUILTY! Where is the evidence of Donald Trump releasing classified information? Other than hearsay?

There is no evidence and the Dems/Libs are pulling anything they can out of their hats to try and get rid of President Trump. This is how Dems/Libs and their supporters deal with a loss…with accusations, lies, and violence.


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