WATCH: Cocky Thug Picks On Crippled White Boy – Gets Served IMMEDIATE Justice After Seeing Who’s Standing Right Behind Him (VIDEO)


Adolescent bullying in America is out control especially amongst differing races however the bully often isn’t the ‘winner.’

Don’t assume that a weaker looking opponent is an easy target because the outcome is never certain and the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is an age old saying that often rings true.

Racial bullying

In the video below a black adolescent boy attempts to bully a white peer while in a school classroom but the fight isn’t remotely fair as the victim has a broken arm and is unable to properly defend himself. As the black thug voices racial slurs and profanity the situation escalates when the injured boy is spit on, but what this thug doesn’t see coming is the swift justice that comes in the form of another student jumping in to knock this punk out cold.

Via Silence is Consent:

A shocking incident which appears to have taken place in an American high school has been going viral, after a classmate managed to capture it on film. Although it isn’t clear what the backstory is between these two, it appears that the thug was provoking the lone white boy for no reason aside from the fact that he’s white.

The racist thug continually provokes the crippled white kid who has seemingly been doing nothing except sitting at his desk—but once the bully realizes his intended victim isn’t going to fight back, he takes things a step further. “Shut the f— up!” he yells, before doing the unthinkable

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