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A new organization that was found to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood is working to get more Muslims elected into office.

The new organization which is called “JetPack” is working hard on a national campaign to train Muslims to run for local office. Their aim is for Muslims to take “a place at the table across all levels of government.” Representative Keith Ellison was the first Muslim to be voted into a national office. He was even sworn in on a Quran instead of the usual Bible.

This has opened up the door for Muslims in the political world. But their victories haven’t been numerous enough and that’s why the “JetPack” organization was started.

From wnd:

While most Muslim politicians publicly support social justice, environmental justice, free and easy abortions, same-sex marriage and the full pallet of LGBTQ rights, that is merely a means to an end. The ultimate goal is Shariah law for Americans, Lopez said.

But who could ever get elected in America on a platform of Shariah law?

She says the Brotherhood will back candidates who wrap themselves in the liberal causes of the day and attach themselves to the Democratic Party, knowing that they have a ready-made political machine eager to push their candidates to the forefront of American politics.

“We know that the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood began planning at least a decade ago to seed the U.S. political system with young, up-and-coming, Shariah-adherent, Shariah-promoting stealth jihadist like Ilhan Omar in Minnesota – now it’s happening – they are shrewdly using our own system against us – via Star Spangled Shariah.”

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Liberals will regret this. The Muslims will turn on them too because they are ” infidels” they are just using them. Live and learn people before it is too late…

Why isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood declared a terrorist organization yet? President Trump needs to do this now. I hope Americans realize that the push to get Muslims into office is so they can reach their goal of taking over our country.

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