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Former Jihadist Now Working In Counterterrorism Infuriates CNN Reporter With Glowing Trump Endorsement


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin gets infuriated by former jihadist, now working in counterterrorism, because of his glowing Trump endorsement she didn’t expect.

In an interview with Mubin Shaikh, a former jihadist who now works in counterterrorism, Brooke Baldwin asks about the comments President Trump made about terrorists after the Manchester attacks. The way she flipped the question you could tell that she wanted it to reflect badly on the president.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin got exactly the opposite of what she bargained for…

From Conservative 101:

The President called ISIS “evil losers” because calling them “monsters” would only make them feel proud of themselves.

“How does that resonate? Does that embolden terrorists, are they laughing at it, are they angered?” asked Brooke Baldwin. And much to Baldwin’s surprise, Shaikh thought that the President’s approach was spot on.

“It depends…but look, your president was exactly right. I mean, at the base of it they’re murderers. They’re not martyrs, they’re not heroes… In order to delegitimize and demystify…these are the phrases we need to use. Losers, you know low-lives, scum bags, they all apply,” said Saikh.

Hahahaha, you can see the fury in her eyes! In her attempt to make President Trump’s comments about the Terrorists being losers seem idiotic, the former jihadist actually gives the president a glowing endorsement! I’m sure they had to cut that segment short since he was saying positive things about Trump.

Classic CNN! CNN is the leading propaganda network, they only invite people who they think they can out debate or that agree with their rhetoric!


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