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Germany Issues Dire Terrorism Warning


German Intel shows that Jihadis are flooding Europe, they warn the country that more terror attacks are coming soon.

As Europe embraces open borders and welcoming refugees with open arms, a German intelligence agency is sending them a dire warning. It doesn’t take an intelligence agency to put two and two together… Terrorists come into the country mixed in with the refugees. Europe’s open, welcoming arms to anyone, without a second thought is what has lead to the terror in their country.

From Young Conservatives:

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) is warning that literally hundreds of terrorists are flooding across German borders and the result is going to be disastrous, Townhall reported.

“We have to assume that we can expect further attacks by individuals or terror commandos in Germany too,” BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen said at a press conference Tuesday. “Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the BfV and we see it as one of the biggest threats facing the internal security of Germany.”

The agency’s annual report for 2016 said there were 24,400 Islamists in Germany, including around 9,700 Salafists, and the number of Salafists had increased to 10,100 this year. The total also includes some 10,000 members of the Turkish Islamist Milliu Gorus movement, the report showed.

The total number of suspected Islamists marks a drop from the year earlier, but the report said that did not mean the threat had diminished. “In fact the opposite is the case,” the report said, citing a shift toward “a more violence-prone and terrorist spectrum …”

Germany is making this travel ban that President Trump was pushing look better and better everyday. Open your eyes liberals! I know you keep hearing the news over in Europe of all the terror attacks. This is what open borders leads to. This is why we must protect our borders and be smart about who is let into the country. There are people out there who take full advantage of those of you who are “loving” and ignorant.

Have you heard the verse, “Be as gentle as a dove yet as wise as a serpent” ? Gentleness must always go along WITH wisdom because gentleness with ignorance will leave you right where Europe is at this moment, being taken over by serpents.

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