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Heavily Armed Muslim Warns Americans: ‘You Should Be TERRIFIED’


Palm Sunday could have been a blood bath for a Christian conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota because of a heavily armed Muslim man who threatened that they should be “terrified” while live streaming the whole thing on Facebook.

Ehab Jaber, the self proclaimed Muslim man entered a private Christian Conference with his “I’m Muslim” t-shirt and Quran in hand. Jaber live streamed the whole thing over Facebook. I’m sure other Muslims were watching.

He angrily says that he has heard enough while sitting in the back of the conference. When trying to leave, Jaber is confronted by an off duty police officer who asks him what his name is. Jabar replies, “John Smith, the Muslim John Smith.” Then he proceeds to his car that is parked outside of the conference.

It seems that one of the viewers on his live stream commented “Do you have your weapons with you?” Then the obviously frustrated man says, “If you want to be really scared,  be scared. ” As he starts unloading his arsenal of weapons, including 2 military style riffles and lots of ammo. He continues to say “Be F***ing terrified.” After his live stream was reviewed by law enforcement they have decided not to arrest this man!

I think making armed threats in a public venue would warrant police action. That is what’s normally done. What kind of police do we have here and who’s programming their behavior in favor of Muslim terroristic actions?

Muslims HATE Christians or anyone who does not view Allah as God. This clearly shows the violence these men feel is necessary against anyone who proclaims something other than Allah. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone’s beliefs and lifestyle and wanting to kill those with different beliefs and lifestyles. This is what hate really is!


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  1. Allen Metzger

    April 19, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Somebody, SHOOT this MUZZIE bastard!

  2. Jim

    April 20, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Does anyone notice how many Muslim remarks are followed by ED commercials? Fitting isn’t it? LOL

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