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Here Is A Map Of Terror Attacks In Europe


This map of the terror attacks in Europe completely destroys the liberal open borders fantasy.

When it comes to global warming, (I know, off topic but hang with me) liberals LOVE “science” and “facts.” In that case they should be willing to look at the facts and data about immigration and refugees in Europe. America should be learning from these facts and the outcome in Europe. But no, that goes against the liberal agenda, so do they really care about science and facts??

From Clash Daily:

Let’s see…

Europe appears to have broken out with a bad case of measles, except for one area. Poland.

Is anything in Poland happening differently than the rest of Europe?

There’s THIS story about Poland telling Brussels to pound sand.

UH, NO: EU COMMANDS Poland Take in 6k ‘Migrants’ – Poland’s PM’s Response Is EPIC

or THIS headline…

BOOM: After Brussels Attack, Poland Makes HUGE ‘Poor Refugee’ Decree

Do you think it’s ‘scientific’ to dismiss the fact that the biggest empty space on the map — where no terrorists blew themselves up — ‘just happens’ to be a country that is NOT throwing out the welcome mat to the ‘refugees’?

That’s exactly why Poland does not have an Islamic problem… except at their borders that they will have to defend with ever-increasing military presence. This is exactly why we should do the same thing!

Dear libs, do you lock the door to your house? Or do you leave it unlocked so just anybody can walk into your house and do whatever they please, up to and including theft, murder and rape against you and your family members… Yeah that’s what I thought. Your hypocrisy and stupidity is absolutely astounding!

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