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EU Gave Notre Dame Hammer Attack Jihadi Award For Writing Pro-Immigration Articles in Sweden


The European Union gave the Notre Dame hammer attack Jihadi an award for writing a pro-immigration article in 2009…go figure!

Pro-immigration liberals are exactly what radical Islamist’s want in America and they’re doing a damn good job of pushing forward with their agenda. Open your eyes people! CNN won’t report on this but the radical Islamist Farid Ikke, who carried out the hammer attack at Notre Dame won an award for his pro-immigration article in 2009!

From Breitbart:

The “EU Commission’s National Journalist Prize Against Discrimination” was awarded to him for an article dealing with “asylum seekers who are not entitled to medical care and who are therefore forced to seek medical care, as well as healthcare staff and others who still provide health care to asylum seekers,” the Commission wrote in a statement.

Eight years later, this Tuesday, the award-winning journalist cried “this is for Syria” while hitting a policeman with a hammer in front of France’s most iconic cathedral.

The highly educated, well-travelled jihadi was shot in the chest and is currently recovering in hospital. He also left a video claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group, according to The Times.

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Sorry to say, Europe’s situation will only get worse, with their open borders and horrible immigration policies. Liberals and democrats should be learning from this and doing what’s best for America. But all they can see it their hate for Donald Trump, they’ll never admit that he was right.

I guess it doesn’t matter how much kindness, sympathy and love you show them… He turned on Europe anyways. Your love, kindness and gullibility is exactly what radical Islamists are banking on. It’s easier to take advantage of doormats. 


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