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WAKE UP! Angry ‘Refugees’ RIOT in the Streets Demanding Free Housing..All While Our Veterans Sleep On Park Benches


Liberals need to realize allowing refugees into the country spells disaster.

Currently, thousands of Syrian refugees are living in America thanks to the Obama administration passing a bill that allowed 10,000 during the fiscal year. Apparently, this is said to cost the American taxpayer around one billion dollars in housing and resettlement costs. How absurd that we spend this outrageous amount of money on foreigners who have proven to be hostile, demanding, and ungrateful when our own veterans are living on the streets.

Democrats need to get their priorities in check and understand that America and its citis=zens come before everyone else. Is it sad that they have to flee a war-torn country? Absolutely. Is that our problem to deal with when we are struggling her at home? No.

Remember this?

Take a look at what happened in Ohio when Somali refugees demand housing after we graciously allowed them refuge in our country.

Watch Here:


Yes, the police were called when hundreds of Somali refugees demanded subsidized housing then rioted. This is sickening because our own veterans are living on the streets yet we import these people and give them housing. While the refugee resettlement agencies will tell you this is paid for…it’s not. Please watch the video below and know that thousands more Muslim refugees have come to Ohio since 2012…Wake up Ohio!

Refugees don’t care about America they only care about themselves and their country so why should we help them? Do you think they would return the favor?

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  1. Frank

    April 16, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Put them on a boat and send them back to Somali ,then get our veterans the money we would have spent on the those ungrateful Muslim bastards

    • Gene

      June 8, 2017 at 6:10 pm

      I say put them on a boat and send it out to sea and then use it for target practice, bomb the crap out of it.

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