NAACP Reverend Says It’s Heresy To Pray for Trump


Liberal Christian leader believes that praying for President Trump is considered malpractice in the eyes of God.

MSNBC has already been discovered as a top leader for fake news reports, now they’ve stooped even lower by allowing Rev. Dr. William Barber to bash the President and disgrace Christianity all at once.

Via World News Politics:

Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rev. Dr. William Barber, a member of the national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and pastor of the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, NC, did the unfathomable.

Responding to a viral photo that showed pastors praying for the president in the White House on Friday.

Barber went on live TV and bashed anyone who prays for President Donald Trump.

“It is a form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy,” Barber said. “When you can p-r-a-y for a president and others while they are p-r-e-y, preying on the most vulnerable, you’re violating the sacred principles of religion. You know, there is a text in Amos Chapter 2 that says religious and moral hypocrisy looks like when a nation of political leaders will buy and sell upstanding people when they will do anything to make money, when they will sell the poor for a pair of shoes, when they will grind the penniless into the dirt and shove the luckless into the ditch and extort from the poor. That is an actual text.”


Not only is that the most unchristian statement ever, it also contains the false comparison that President Trump is doing nothing for the lower class. Clearly politics and religion are not this guy’s strong suit.

Sad that he’s a religious leader spouting this BS…

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