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Aldi Announces Massive 900-Grocery Store Expansion


More job growth for America, Aldi announces a HUGE 900-grocery store expansion.

With internet giants like Amazon, brick and mortar stores have been shutting their doors in a record pace. Obama’s excessive regulations weren’t helping either. Since Donald Trump has taken over and eradicated billions of dollars worth of Obama’s regulations, stores like Aldi are now feeling comfortable enough to make huge expansions. This is great news for Americans!

From Conservative Tribune:

The effects of this latest effort could already be seen in Wisconsin, where the retailer had scheduled “to fill positions at stores across Northeast Wisconsin with a one-day ‘hiring blitz’ in Appleton and Green Bay on June 15,” according to local station WBAY.

Those Americans seeking managerial positions with the conglomerate were especially in luck, as Aldi is known to offer recent university graduates “a starting pay of $75,000 along with some perks, including a corporate credit card, Toyota Camry and paid gas for both professional and personal use,” as noted in a Forbes report from four years ago.

And as for those Americans wanting to purchase cheap goods at rates potentially lower than those of even Walmart and Amazon, things are looking up after eight years of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s lackluster economy.

Though Aldi is a German owned chain, it offers good prices on great products and pays its American workers a wage that you can’t beat! That is a win for EVERYONE! No matter your political views – saving on money for food and household items is a GOOD THING!! What has happened to the common good??

It doesn’t matter, Donald Trump could be the best president America ever had and liberals would still find something to complain about!

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