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Ann Coulter CRUSHES UC Berkely For Shutting Down Free Speech And it Was BEAUTIFUL


The California college, Berkeley tried their hardest to shut Ann Coulter up, she crushed them for shutting down free speech. This is great!

Coulter was invited to speak at Berkeley but the college tried their hardest to keep her from coming anyways. She pointed out the anarchy of only enforcing laws when a liberal is speaking. The hypocrisy of shutting up the conservatives yet, enforcing laws to allow a liberal speaker to speak is ridiculous.

From Conservative 101:

“And that was one thing to announce that any students caught engaging in violence, mayhem, or disrupting an invited speaker’s speech would be expelled. And number two, to have a little talk with the Berkeley chief of police, who is allowing these Rodney King riots to go on whenever conservative speaker speaks,” said Coulter, referring to the massive riot Berkeley had over Milo Yiannopoulos

“I mean, it is anarchy when you are only enforcing the law in order to allow liberals to speak. But, no, we’ll let these masked rioters show up with weapons and start — I mean, they are all little beta males, but with a weapon, even a beta male can do some damage, especially to a 99-pound girl,” said Coulter.

“[F]or the police to refuse to protect even offensive speech and by the way, and I’m the author of 12 New York Times best-sellers. This has damaged my reputation for them to be acting like I’m David Duke out there. But courts have found, even somebody out burning an American flag, the police cannot stand by and let skinheads beat them up. That is viewpoint discrimination. And they are all liable,” said Coulter. Check out the video below.

If The University of California can not provide a “Safe Zone” for Free Speech they should lose Federal Funding. Like President Trump suggested. This rule should apply to any College or University that can not insure and protect free speech.

I think conservative pundits should schedule Berkeley activities each week and watch the City and University destroy themselves until they learn some sense and decorum.


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  1. Daryl Bowling Sr

    June 11, 2017 at 8:57 am

    agreed 100 perent she called it just right time for berklsy fo start acting like it is supposed to instead of a winney little lib location eucation is not about leberal ideals its about learning skil for the future and how to tkhink for them selves, so i cll on the niversity to get it right or the entire board of regents to resign their positions as they are no qualifid to even how the loal dog atchers position for sure nathey hav state that temself by their actions

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