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‘Oh God, Get Out of There!’ Female TV Reporter Is Attacked On Air While Covering Arrival of Refugees


In a terrifying video that came out of Italy during the arrival of refugees, a female TV reporter gets attacked!

Francesca Parisella, an italian TV reporter was doing a segment on the refugees who were coming from Africa into Rome. The homeless refugees were sleeping outside of a train station when she was reporting. Then a couple of refugees attack her and her camera man!

From Biz Pac Review:

What’s happening, Francesca?” MATRIX anchor Nicola Porro asked as Parisella and her crew ran from the scene.

“They assaulted us, Nicola!” she managed to say while running.

Porro told Parisella to leave when her assailants apparently caught up with her.

“What do you want?” she shouted as she ran from the station. “What do you want? “You’re crazy!” and then she could be heard screaming.

Unable to do anything to help, Porro managed to say, “Oh God, Francesca, get out of there.”

These Muslims play on liberal sympathy. They demand rights, support. They move in , force their sharia on non Muslims. They won’t assimilate. They use the host countries laws and hospitality for their advantage. That’s how they take over.

When will these liberals open their eyes?? It couldn’t be anymore obvious that these people are a threat to the countries they are entering!

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