FU** You, BI***: Chiefs Player Verbally Attacks Female Fan as NFL Chaos Continues


Following all black Raiders Offensive line bailing on the protection of QB, Derek Carr, one Kansas Chiefs player decided to to take things even further.

On Monday night football following the tragic events in Las Vegas, Cornerback Marcus Peters, refused once again to stand for the national anthem despite being all alone in his unsympathetic choice. Peters made this display even more disrespectful by not even bothering to kneel but simply sit on his butt, a decision that clearly infuriated fans standing the game.

To make things even worse, Peters later realized that fans were openly bashing him to which his response to one particular female fan was ‘F*** you, B****,’ a sentiment that managed to make the footage shown to all of the American public. Considering that Raiders QB, Derek Carr, recently suffered a broken back over NFL protest and this particular was the day after the US’ most deadly shooting in history the words ‘in poor taste’ don’t even begin to express how wrong Peters actions could have possibly been.

Via Freedom Daily:

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters wasn’t going to let the massacre of 59 Americans interfere with his protests, and callously chose to sit on his butt while the national anthem played, igniting fury across the stadium. While Peters’ actions were enough to make most NFL fans swear off watching a Chiefs’ game forever, nothing could prepare the crowd for what Peters would do later in the game, as the cocky player would later be caught screaming something absolutely profane to the outraged fans in the bleachers.

Noticing fans’ displeasure for his choice to sit for the national anthem, Peters was caught screaming at a fan where he yelled “F*** you, b****!” before slamming his helmet onto the ground like a petulant spoiled child. The incident was aired live on ESPN, and millions tuning in immediately caught Peters’ sickening message to all NFL fans offended by his anti-American antics.

Watch Here:

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