Hannity on the Media: ‘What We’re Seeing Now Is This Unelected Fourth Branch of Gov’t Looking for Retribution’


Hannity slams the media for trying so hard to overturn the results of the presidential election saying that they’re just “looking for retribution.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity spoke about the mainstream media and what their real agenda is on his show, “Hannity.” He called their real agenda an effort to overturn the results of the presidential election that Donald Trump won. Hannity hits the nail on the head.

From Breitbart:

The unelected fourth branch of government, the deep state, is trying to overturn the results of November’s election and throw this president out of office! So how did a bunch of unelected bureaucrats get so much power, feel so emboldened that think they can undermine a duly elected president of the United States and just take over?

Plus, after this week’s left-wing assassination attempt on Republican lawmakers, the left’s come together kumbaya moment, like I said last night, is nothing more than an illusion. It is a farce to hide the left’s true intentions. We will expose all of this hypocrisy in tonight’s very important “Opening Monologue.”

All right, so the unelected fourth branch of government is now being aided and abetted by the destroy Trump media, all in a massive effort to damage and destroy President Trump. Now, this week alone, we have seen unprecedented and potentially criminal leaks from the deep state to the liberal Washington Post.

Read the full transcript here…

I think it’s time to organize the Trump supporters, all 63 million of us. It’s time to march on Washington!! Maybe we surround the White House and protect our duly elected president… Let these jerks know that we are not going to allow them to unseat our President.

If you can stomach it, stay till the end of the movie. The good guys always win. I believe with all my heart that if we stick with President Trump we will be vindicated and we will watch the left fall. One by one…




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