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HORRIFYING Footage Shows United Airlines Passenger Getting Ripped From Seat, Dragged Down Aisle After Flight Overbooked


A group of passengers flying from Chicago to Louisville Sunday night was horrified after a man was forced from his seat and dragged off the plane by three large security officers due to an overbooked flight.

Due to the situation, United Airlines first asked that four passengers step up to get off the plane, and in return they offered them each $800 for a hotel a flight for the following day. But after no one accepted the offer, the airline decided to use computer software to randomly choose four people who would then be forced to leave the aircraft.

While three of the passengers complied with the orders, one man refused. In light of his protest, three large airport security officers then physically removed the man from his seat.

In footage taken by passengers on the plane the man calmly objected as the officers removed him from his seat and dropped him to the ground.

According to several witnesses, the man appeared to be passively resisting as the security officers dragged him down the aisle, leaving passengers pretty upset:

Fellow passengers are continually heard saying “oh my God, oh my God,” as the man is dragged right past them:

One woman pleaded for the man:

“This is wrong. Oh my God! Look at what you did to him!”

But then….things take a shocking turn.

As passengers are still trying to make of sense of what just happened, the petrified man runs back on the plane as he mutters to himself:

“I have to go home, I have to go home.”

A fellow passenger captured the incident on his phone:

The passenger who tweeted the video later said that children were left crying:

He said the man told security officers he needed to get home because he had to see a patient in the morning:

Since the incident was posted to social media, many people have since vowed to never ride the airline again:

One person called this “new face of United:

After United was contacted for comment, they posted this response to their Twitter page:

That’s it, huh?

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