Marco Rubio, One of Trump’s Toughest Foreign Policy Critics, Praises President as ‘Decisive’ After Airstrike


It has only been a year since Marco Rubio was traveling the states, working hard in his campaign against President Donald Trump.

And although he attacked Trump on several issues, Rubio was most critical of his foreign policy.

Rubio notable addressed Trump’s plan to withdraw funding from organizations such NATO in May of 2016..

CNN reported:

“It’s a lot easier to say let’s walk away. It’s a lot easier to say for example, why do we give all this money to NATO and these other people do not? It’s easier to say that than to explain what would happen if you didn’t,” Rubio said, alluding to Trump’s views on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“While it is true that there are certainly consequences and complexities presented by our engagement, I still think a world without our engagement is not a world we want to live in. If we are not engaged in the world, the price will pay will be much higher in the long run than the price we pay to be engaged.”

Despite conflicts in opinion on many issues, Rubio eventually endorsed Trump.

How could you not. He’s great.

After declaring the president’s decisive strike in Syria “the right call,” the senator then released a pretty powerful statement:

“I salute the bravery and skill of the men and women of our Armed Forces who conducted this mission. Tonight’s strike against the Assad regime’s Shayrat Air Base will hopefully diminish his capacity to commit atrocities against innocent civilians.

By acting decisively against the very facility from which Assad launched his murderous chemical weapons attack, President Trump has made it clear to Assad and those who empower him that the days of committing war crimes with impunity are over.

What must follow is a real and comprehensive strategy to ensure that Assad is no longer a threat to his people and to U.S. security, and that Russia no longer has free reign to support his regime.”

Rubio noted that Congress should be a part of that discussion moving forward — but reiterated his opinion that the airstrike was the right call.

Here is Rubio’s full CNN segment:

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