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MASSIVE Gator Caught In Alabama. No One Was Prepared For What Was INSIDE!


What is believed to be the biggest alligator caught in Alabama had something massive inside when it was cut open. None one expected this!

It was the annual gator catching season in Alabama when the largest ever alligator was caught. What’s even more amazing is what they found inside! The taxidermist, Ken Owens, was the lucky one who got to cut into the beast and see what the massive bulge was inside.

From awm:

In the alligator’s belly he found an intact adult female deer.

“I always thought that once an alligator killed something that it ate it a piece at a time,” Owens said. “I can’t imagine how it got ahold of that adult deer and ate it in one piece like that. It’s unbelievable.”

Although the deer had been partially digested, Owens was able to determine the deer’s age and size based on part of its jaw bone. He believes the deer was about three years old, and probably was average sized. In Wilcox County, where the alligator was captured, deer regularly grow to about one hundred fifteen pounds.

Normal sized alligators roll and twist and rip their prey into pieces but this gator was so big a 115 lb deer was just one bite! That is insane!

Alligators are routinely seen all over Alabama today but it wasn’t that way decades ago.  In the 1920’s and 1930’s hunters went out to eradicate alligators who they saw as vermin. By 1938 the state had to protect the alligators because of their dwindling numbers.

In 2006 they started their first alligator hunting season. Only a limited amount of tags are given out to keep from the dwindling numbers they had in the 1930’s.

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  1. Walter Euler Sr

    April 20, 2017 at 11:18 am

    What kind of English is this : “NONE ONE expected this.”
    Reporters should go back to school.

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