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Muslim Woman REFUSES To Remove HIJAB For Police Officer..Gets A BRUTAL WAKE UP CALL!


A Muslim Woman refused to remove her head covering and tried to use Sharia law to get out of her traffic violations.

She wasn’t going to get away with it that easily. The police officer wasn’t going to be influenced by Sharia law because this is America. There is no place for Sharia law here.

From Conservative Tribune:

Upon discovering that the woman had an unpaid parking ticket that generated a warrant for her arrest, a Dearborn police officer arrested Aldhalimi and took her to the police station for processing.

What could have been a non-confrontational, routine processing turned into a giant mess when police ordered the woman to remove her headscarf. She refused, citing her religion and claiming she absolutely would not remove the head covering in front of strangers.

She was then told by officers to either remove the hijab, or it would “be removed involuntarily against her will.”

She once again refused the simple request, so officers followed through on their promise and removed it for her.

Aldhalimi filed a lawsuit against the officers for removing her hijab. Unfortunately for her, there is no special treatment for Sharia law here. The Police department stood behind the officers who were under fire from the lawsuit.

There was no “discrimination” against this woman, in fact, they treated her just like they would have treated any other person in her position. Just because you live by Sharia law doesn’t mean you get “extra rights” here in the US. You don’t like American laws? Then go back to where you came from…

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