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Professor Accepts Award, Slams PC Schools Thanks His Teachers For ‘Not Giving a Damn’ About His Self-Esteem


Professor of Economics at George Mason University , Walter E. Williams, berated today’s college ‘snowflakes’ and the “academic dishonesty” of today’s college educators using classrooms to push their, a lot of the time, ridiculous political views.

During his acceptance speech, Williams commented on the differences between his academic experience and those of today’s generation at an award ceremony in Washington, D.C., according to TownHall.

“Many professors, particularly those on the socialistic side of the political spectrum, use their classrooms to proselytize students,” he said. “While professorial proselytization is common and accepted at most universities, I believe that to use one’s classroom to push one’s personal beliefs is both immoral and academic dishonesty.”

Williams was awarded the Bradley Prize from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation for his lifetime work defending conservative ideals as an educator.

Contrasting his own experiences with the current entitled generation that is coddled and given safe spaces at today’s colleges, Williams noted that many teachers and employers “care more about people’s feelings rather than their performance.”

“It is a cowardly act to take advantage of student immaturity by indoctrinating them with the professor’s opinions before the student has developed the maturity and skill to examine other opinions,” he said.

He acknowledged his own teachers for “not giving a damn about his self-esteem” during his school years, and in his own classroom, Williams practices what he preaches.

He allows his students to raise their hands and ‘object’ if his lessons become subjective.

He stated that his students are encourages to remind him that they signed up for his class to “learn economics, not be indoctrinated with his values.”

Four ‘Bradley Prizes’ of $250,000 each are awarded each year to “innovative thinkers and practitioners whose achievements strengthen the legacy of the Bradley brothers and the ideas to which they were committed.”

According to the website, the brothers “believed that the good society is a free society,” and were “committed to preserving and defending the institutions of free, representative government and private enterprise.”

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