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Republican Politician, Mo Brooks, calls for a Cease and Desist on Federal Funding for NFL


The NFL organization refuses to separate sports and football, therefore Rep. Mo Brooks suggests separating federal funding from the NFL.

Mo Brooks

Alabama representative Mo Brooks has had enough with the elitist NFL players disrespecting the country while collecting a publicly supported paycheck. His solution to NFL players concerns about the US government is to no longer fund them via the US government seeing as none of them can bother to honor the men and women who protect this great nation by simply standing in support of the national anthem. Clearly the NFL makes enough money without the support of patriots or veterans to continue making any sort of profit so our refusal to fund hypocrisy won’t matter, right?

Via Breitbart:

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said on Tuesday that the federal government should not financially support the NFL because of players’ disrespectful “take a knee” protests during the national anthem.

“I believe we ought to terminate all federal government support of the NFL,” Brooks told Breitbart News following the Conversations with Conservatives event at the Capitol. “That would include the termination of any and all advertising that is done on behalf of the federal government — military and non-military — to the extent we do any.”

“The same thing with any other professional sport that insults our country and our flag and our anthem as the NFL has done,” said Brooks, who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

If American citizens believe the best way to support the oppression minority’s in America face, is to have a group of millionaire football players cry about how hard things are, for other people, while returning home to 7 bedroom mansions, will make the right kind of statement, well those Americans must support a liberal lifestyle to say the least.

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