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Tennessee Enacts Nation’s ‘Most Comprehensive’ Campus Free Speech Law


Wow, Tennessee enacts the Nation’s “most comprehensive” campus free speech law.

Tennessee just enacted the Free Speech Protection Act that will FINALLY forbid viewpoint-based discrimination. No more liberals getting conservative speakers kicked out. No more violence against conservatives, and vice versa but we all know which side the craziness was coming from. EVERY state needs to adopt this law.

From Breitbart:

According to a group instrumental in advocating free speech on campus, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), far lower standards of “harassment” are routinely used by administrators to prohibit speech that “distresses” or causes “emotional discomfort” to some students.

Finally, the Campus Free Speech Protection Act will forbid viewpoint-based discrimination in the distribution of funds for student groups and prevent faculty from being punished for what they choose to say in the classroom unless it is “not reasonably germane to the subject matter of the class as broadly construed, and comprises a substantial portion of classroom instruction.”

The law comes at a time when the ability for differing viewpoints, especially those on the political right, to be heard on campuses has come under simultaneous attack from radical leftist groups and university administrations.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, for example, saw her invited speaking engagement at University of California Berkeley last month moved, curtailed, and finally canceled because of security concerns.

Did you ever think our country would be such a deplorable mess, that you have to enact a law, to protect already existing laws. 8 years and Obama did this much damage. Congratulations Tennessee for protecting the constitution!

Finally, some common sense prevails. This is great news for normal people and sad news for the leftists who have been squashing free speech on campuses across the country. This is so refreshing. They really should consider naming this one the “Melting Snowflakes law,” it has a nice ring to it…

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