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Convicted Terrorist Honored At NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, Top Democrat By His Side


Wow… The convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera was honored at the NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade with a top Democrat by his side.

The NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade lost a lot of sponsors when the news broke that the convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera would be honored. Many politicians also pulled out of the parade. On a day that should have brought awareness to the extreme poverty that the U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is facing, its focus was turned to a controversy over a terrorist being honored.

From Young Conservatives:

But as the parade kicked off today, Oscar Lopez Rivera was riding in the first float.

He was later joined by Democratic City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who agitated to keep him in the parade and held parties in his honor in the lead-up to the parade.

Lopez Rivera was the head of the FALN which planted 120 bombs throughout the country and killed people in NYC during the 1970s and 1980s.

He has never renounced his actions and still holds the U.S. government to be an enemy. Despite this, former President Barack Obama commuted his sentence.

What is wrong with New York City? This man killed innocent people! This just goes to show that Obama is a Marxist because he let him out of jail, Obama should be in jail with him!

Naturally that’s what Obama pushes for to celebrate the criminals instead of the good guys. Look how many he gave awards to and let out of prison, and people love him for it! The criminals get to live free and do as much damage as they can without reprimands. Trump has to put a stop to all of them.

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