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President Trump Redirects Hurricane Victim’s Question to CNN, They Couldn’t Get Away Fast Enough


While President Trump was in Florida assisting hurricane victims, one asks him a great question about Obama and he turns the man around to ask CNN… This is GENIUS!

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President Trump and First Lady Milania flew down to Florida on Thursday to assist Hurricane victims over in Fort Myers. The president and his wife met with many hurricane victims while passing out water bottles and supplies. One hurricane victim had a great question for the president that he thought should be asked to the CNN camera standing nearby. Donald Trump is the man!

IJR| However, one man wearing a New England Patriots shirt leaned in and whispered a question to Trump. The president laughed, spun the man around to face the media cameras, and said, “This man has a question.”

The man looked directly into the cameras and asked, “Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

The man then turned back to Trump and said something inaudible. Trump looked directly at the cameras after, pointed to the man, and said, “It was the best vote of his life.”

As this was going on, the CNN commentators laughed and cross-talked nervously.

The gold moment starts at 3:11… Watch below:

President Trump really does care about the american people, he has proven it over and over again! All Obama wanted to do was golf and bow down to other countries and tell them how terrible America is. Trump has made sure that the Federal dollars were there along with 1 million of his own money. You can’t say that this man doesn’t care about America when you get down to the truth of it.

And where is Hillary? Instead of whining again about her loss on the View, she should have come down to Texas or Florida and viewed the damages and donated money from her crooked Clinton Foundation. Oh, that’s right… They only accept donations. Thank God Hillary isn’t our president! You wouldn’t see her down in the trenches helping out these families.

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