VIDEO: 20 Russians Mop Floor With Group Of “Muslim Thugs”… GOING VIRAL!


While Obama was out supporting the “good guys” in Syria, Russian soldiers were out sacrificing their lives to call in airstrikes on themselves.

It’s no wonder none of the military trusted Obama and is now fading down the drain.

After tons of innocent soldiers lost their lives, Russia is taking a lead on anti-extremist power.

They have had enough…and now, a group of grown Russian men in black sparring pants and no shirts are ready to fight a hostile bunch of Muslims.

And guess who wins?!

These Russian street fighters not only dug a hole for the muslims, but they burned and buried them alive!

Watch the video:

Reported by president45donaldtrump,

A group of 20 Russian “street fighters” attacked a group of reportedly Muslim thugs in the middle of a public area. These men have ripped off their shirts and carry bags, and are ready to fight.

The fight goes about as well as most other fights that happen involving the Russian people. It’s a ferocious beatdown.

It’s sad that the world is looking to communist Russia these days for leadership. It’s even more sad that the perception is that Russia has real men and the US doesn’t. That is not true.

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We have a chance to not only to protect ourselves again, but also work hand in hand with Russia to put away these Muslim thugs once and for all!

Maybe with President Trump in office now, we will be able to take our country back after 8 long years of Political castration under the Obama regime!!!

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