Police Dept. Honors Daughter of Fallen Officer at Prom Photo Shoot


An Indianapolis teen decided to go to her father’s grave on prom night because she wanted photos with him but what happened when she got there left everyone speechless.

Sierra Bradway lost her father in the line of duty. Officer Rod Lee Bradway was killed in 2013 when he responded to a domestic violence disturbance. When he went in to rescue a mother and her child, Bradway was shot 6 times. He died a hero. And so, his daughter wanted to honor him on her prom night and take pictures with him.

From Conservative Tribune:

However, Spayd’s mother heard about the plan and wanted to do something special for Sierra. Fox News reported, “The plan was set in motion by Brock’s mother, a captain in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, who learned of Sierra’s cemetery visit and called upon officers from the Indianapolis Police Department and other regional departments to help make the teen’s prom more special.”

The Indianapolis Police Department were able to make this moment so much more beautiful when its officers showed up at the cemetery to surprise Sierra. When she arrived at the site, there were two police officers on horseback and a dozen more lined up waiting for her.

Make sure you have your tissue ready for this one! Watch below…

If this doesn’t touch your heart, you have no soul! Love and Respect to every active and fallen Law Enforcement and Military personnel. This was a wonderful way to honor him and their sacrifice. He has a wonderful daughter and this is great of the people that came out to show their love and respect.

What a breath of fresh air to hear this uplifting positive news! God bless all who are serving in Law enforcement and the Military. SHARE this in honor of our service members.

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