WATCH: Dude Sends GoPro Into Rattlesnake Den And It’s Something Straight Out Of Nightmares!


This dude sends his GoPro straight into a rattlesnake den and it is the creepiest thing ever! Yikes!

As soon as the video starts and before even seeing the rattlers you can hear them, it gave me the chills! Then this guy pokes around the den with his GoPro and the snakes are going crazy rattling their tails and sticking out their tongues getting ready to strike.

Then it happens, one strikes the camera and then another, and another until… The camera falls into the pit of snakes! Oh man! I can only imagine what he was thinking when he lost the camera inside of the infested snake den. This is going to give me nightmares!

You eventually see him sticking what looks like a hockey stick into the snake den trying to retrieve the camera. These people are crazy! I wouldn’t step anywhere near this infestation of rattlers. Nope, no thank you! Watch for yourself below…

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