HEART WARMING: Veteran Lays Dying In Hospital When Something AMAZING Happens


There is no special bond, like a military bond. Service members consider each other brothers an sisters of one another.

Veterans are willing to do whatever it takes to help support their brothers and sisters who proudly served. They don’t leave each other behind, and this proves it.

A true patriot and hero, Phillip Rochette, knew right out of high school what he wanted to do. He proudly enlisted in the Marines and has dedicated his life to service.

Rochette’s sister, Denise, describes him as a man who loved God, the marines, and everything else. She admired her brother like no other.

Rochette has just recently fell very ill, and now is the time for us all to support him in his time of need.

What started off as headaches in early July, turned into excessive vomiting, which progressively got worse for him.

One day Denise noticed something was terribly wrong with her brother, so she called 911. While in the ambulance, Rochette had a terrible stroke.

The stroke did horrible damage to Rochette as he was put on life support, leaving his family to make the world’s most difficult decision.

The family decided to take him off of life support as the only thing keeping him alive was a machine, which they said was no way to live.

Hundreds of people sent prayers and support on Facebook as Denise asked for their support for her brother. In one conversation, she had talked about how she wished some Marines would come to say goodbye to her brother.


The post went viral and Marines from all over the country traveled to wish Rochette goodbye. “It’s the end of his watch, time for him to go home, so we will take it from here,” said one Marine brother.

It is really a beautiful thing to witness the unbreakable bond that all service members have in their time of need. May God rest your soul, hero.

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