Watch: Man Tries to Rob Store Where Everyone Inside Had a Gun


A man tries to rob a store where everyone inside was armed! This is great…

Ever wonder what the exact opposite of gun control looks like? Well here it is. This is what happens when you arm law abiding citizens. Take note liberals!

From Conservative Tribune:

An attempted armed robbery of a convenience store Wednesday in Brazil failed spectacularly due primarily to the fact that the majority of the customers and/or bystanders inside the store were armed to the teeth.

Surveillance footage uploaded to LiveLeak showed the unsuspecting thug charging into the convenience store with a helmet on his head and a gun in his hand.

As the bystanders closest to the thug put up their hands and distracted his attention, another man slipped behind the shelves, pulled out his weapon and fired at the would-be robber, causing him to collapse to the ground.

This is how you stop a crime. Allow law abiding citizens to own firearms. I understand this is Brazil and they have gun laws like Chicago, but these men proved why it’s important to be able to carry. The only person who was hurt was the bad guy..

Imagine the situation if the only person armed was the criminal…  Perfect example of how “common sense” gun control makes absolutely no sense except for the thugs and gangs because thugs and gangs do not obey laws to begin with and certainly will give the finger to any gun control laws and will just get them on the black market. DUH!


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