This Photo Of Trump And Two Kids Has The Internet On Fire and Liberals Losing Their Minds


Two children approached President Trump so they could take a picture with him, after it was posted, the internet went crazy because of this one thing in the picture… Look closely…

Elijah and Gianna were at the National Peace Officers Memorial day where President Trump gave a speech honoring our fallen officers. Later on in the day, the two children approached Donald Trump for a photo. When you look closer at the photo of Trump and the children you will see why the whole internet went crazy after seeing it.

President Trump was showing honor to this sibling duo’s father, Lucas…


From Breitbart:

Lucas died an accidental death at the hands of one of his law enforcement colleagues on October 31, 2016. They were shifting guns around, talking about different ways to carry a second gun, when a gun was accidentally discharged, and a bullet struck Lucas in the chest. Investigators determined no foul play was involved. Rather, Lucas, a 20-year-veteran of the force, was “having a conversation with a nine-year veteran detective about the various ways to carry backup weapons when the shot was fired.”

Lucas’s widow, Jami, attended the memorial with Elijah and Gianna. Jami was escorted by Deputy Frankie Barba and Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

What a breath of fresh air to FINALLY have a president who shows respect to our law enforcement and our military, he is a true American! President Trump honors our police officers and their loved ones… Obama attacked police officers and praised cop killers.

The only reason this seems shocking and went viral is because of the last eight year’s of depravity by the White House! Thank God times have changed! This should be normal for us Americans to see!

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