Town Passes Law That Fines Parents Of Kids That Are Bullies. Do You Support This?


Bullying has been a huge focus recently with kids committing suicide over it, now a new law has come along fining parents.

A lot of the blame is being placed on parent’s because if the kid was raised right they wouldn’t be treating other children like crap, right? Or they would be getting punished at home for that type of behavior. These kids learn this cruel behavior from somewhere, most likely at home.

From awm:

The Shawano city council just approved a new ordinance that allows the local police department to intervene in cases of bullying. The law applies to any child under the age of eighteen years old and is designed to target a number of types of harassment, from stealing lunch money to cyberbullying.

Parents of minors who are accused of these actions will receive a warning and a ninety day probationary term in which to change their child’s behavior. If they do not, the parent will receive a $366 fine for the first offence and $681 fine for each repeat offence.

The idea is that bullying both begins at home and needs to be dealt with by the parents.

Wow, this is a huge step. Parents of these bullies are going to have to step up and do something about their child or lose a whole lot of money!

Parents should be responsible for teaching their children right from wrong. I see no problem with putting heat on the parents that don’t. Innocent people should not have to deal with their disrespectful kids.

What do you think about this new ordinance? Please share below! Thanks!


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