Harold Ford Jr: ‘Never Understood’ Dems Saying They Won Popular Vote ‘As If That Meant Something’


On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. made a statement that took the whole nation by surprise.

As a buddy of Barack Obama’s, it was great to hear these words ring true.

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He let Dems have it:

“Democrats — let’s not overblow this thing. For eight years, under Obama, we figured out how to organize and how to — nationally, but what we’ve not done, to your point, is to figure out how you win in local districts and congressional districts. … [W]e are terrible at this, at showing up over the last 10, 20 years, as we look at congressional districts, Senate races, and governors. I never understood when Democrats say, ‘Well, we won the presidential race by 3 million votes,’ as if that meant something. It would be different if that meant more governor’s seats, or more House seats, or more Senate seats. We lost all of that, and at a historic low in a lot of ways.”
Here it is:
Well said, Ford!

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