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Gigantic Demon Sea Slug washes up after Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey flooding as allowed creatures from the deep sea to come a little closer and the images are terrifying.

American beaches are the center for tourists and vacation goers during both the warm and cold seasons depending on where you travel from and where you travel to.

A recent marine life discovery may result in some of these visitors having second thoughts about wanting to go for an ocean swim. Although many already risk the swim with jellyfish and sharks this creature makes both look tame.

Via Fox News:

The strange fanged ‘sea creature’ that washed up on a Texas beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey quickly went viral after images were posted on Twitter, but what is it?

Preeti Desai tweeted the images out after discovering the creature on a beach in Texas City earlier this month. “Okay, biology twitter, what the heck is this??,” she wrote.


Desai, who works for the National Audubon Society, told Fox News that she was assessing damage to field sites and habitats in the aftermath of the hurricane when she made the gruesome find. “I spotted this a couple yards away. It was completely unexpected, not something that you’d typically see on a beach,” she explained, via email. “I thought it could be something from the deep sea that might have washed onto shore. My main reaction was curiosity; I wanted to figure out what it was.”

Twitter was the logical route for Desai, who follows a large number of scientists and researchers. “There’s such a great community of these folks that are very helpful, especially when it comes to answering questions about the world or IDing animals and plants,” she told Fox News. “I got so many guesses from marine biology experts, fish experts, people who just had an interest in this sort of stuff, etc. We were able to narrow it down to some sort of eel.”

Can you say creepy? That is definitely not something I would want to see while I was swimming dead or alive.

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