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NEW LOW: Canada Now Offering Passports With A Third Gender


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is enforcing a new gender rule allowing a “third gender” option on passports and all other documents issued by the federal government… Wow…

The new “human rights” legislation has paved the way to this newest, bizarre decision to allow people to pick their own gender on federal documents. I can not believe that this is real life… The new option is for people who are “something other than male or female.”

From The Daily Caller:

It’s just the latest social engineering from the Liberal government. Bill C-16 is before the Senate this week and is expected to be passed by the Liberal majority in the upper house. The legislation will change the Canadian Human Rights Act and the criminal code, making it illegal to discriminate based on “gender identity or expression.” It will also extend hate speech laws to include these two terms, something free speech advocates in Canada say is another way for the government to muzzle opinions it doesn’t want to hear.

Should be very interesting on how many countries will deny entry to Canadians because the information on the passport is insufficient or incorrect. I think it’s time for Trudeau to find another line of work..he’s making a mess of everything he touches.

Liberal socialist are the emptiest people on Earth. They want to be LOVED constantly and by everyone. So, they’ve made it their life’s mission, never to offend anyone. Hey Canada, why declare gender at all? Just leave that space blank. That way, your citizens can decide what gender they identify with on a daily basis. Before we know it, these loons will begin to challenge their species identity. A truly sick and immoral culture has infected our globe!

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