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ALERT: Iran Hit Jewish Target With Missile… “Israel Must Be Wiped Out”


Iran has it’s sights set on destroying Israel, new evidence shows that they used the sacred star of David for target practice.

If it wasn’t obvious when Iran launched two missiles last year that said “Israel Must Be Wiped Out,” then it should be crystal clear now… Iran wants to take out Israel and something needs to be done. Satellite images of the Star of David and where the missile made impact was released to the UN as evidence that they used the sacred Star of David for target practice.

From Breitbart:

“This use of the Star of David as target practice is hateful and unacceptable,” Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said to the Council.

A grainy image shows the Jewish symbol and next to it an impact crater can be seen.

“The missile launch is not only a direct violation of UNSCR 2231, but is also a clear evidence of Iran’s continued intention to harm the State of Israel,” Danon said, adding that “the targeting of a sacred symbol of Judaism is abhorrent.”

“The Security Council must act immediately against this demonstration of hate and Iran’s provocative violations that threaten the stability of the entire region,” added Danon.

Wouldn’t have to worry about any of this if it weren’t for Obama, that traitor gave them 400 billion in cash and helped fund Iran’s nuclear weapons program with his fake debt settlement payment. The man should be tried for treason and stripped of his pension and the fortunes he extorted from America to line his own pockets.

No one at the UN cares if Iran threatens Israel. They’re all a bunch of wimps and for the last 8 years they were led by the King of wimps. I would be very surprised if they actually did anything to help.

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