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HORRIFYING: Judges Busted in Quiet Ruling to Literally KILL Baby Boy


U.K. judges have taken away the rights of the parents of a sick baby boy to seek treatment in the US, instead they ruled that the parents let him die “peacefully.”

This incident exposes the dark side of socialized medicine that liberals don’t speak of. There is a laundry list of why over regulated healthcare is a bad thing, but this heartbreaking story should be enough. The 8-month old baby who suffers from a rare condition which causes muscle weakness and brain damage, has basically been sentenced to death. Because of government regulations on healthcare and the ruling of the judges, these parents are left with no other options to fight for the life of their baby.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to the BBC, his parents want to bring him to the United States for treatment, but a high court has ruled that it’s “in Charlie’s best interests to let him slip away peacefully,” i.e., die.

The ruling coincides with recommendations made by so-called specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where Gard has been languishing. According to the BBC, the specialists believe the child has irreversible brain damage and that he should be transferred into palliative care, a passive form of health care focused on providing relief for symptoms instead of treating the underlying condition.

By agreeing with the specialists, the government has basically sentenced Gard to death, ensuring that he’s tucked away out of sight and can therefore not cost the nation’s socialized health care system any more money.

If this story makes you angry. Then don’t lean left in our country politically, which is wanting socialized medicine. If government controls healthcare for all, that doesn’t mean unlimited! Use your brain. That family lives in a country with socialized medicine. Government gets to choose who lives and dies based on treatment cost, prognosis, and age.

Once the government owns health care the government owns you. And the U.S. Government wants to own our health care. This boy should be a cautionary tale for us. Do you want the government deciding when to kill you off?

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