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Norway to Ban Muslim Veil in All Schools


Norway proposed a bill that will ban the full face Muslim veil in every school.

The Norwegian government just proposed a bill that will ban the full face Muslim veil in all schools, from nursery to universities. Their reasoning is to promote better communication between students. The outlook on the bill is good and is looking to pass in Spring of 2018.

From Breitbart:

Local authorities in Norway already have the power to ban the veil in schools, however there is no uniform national policy. At this stage, the bill does not lay out consequences for disregarding the proposed law.

The full-face veil is rather uncommon in Norway, even more so in schools, but the issue comes intermittently back into political debates.

The Islamic Council, an umbrella organisation representing Muslims, hired a communication manager wearing a niqab, which sparked a heated discussion earlier this year. Legislative elections will take place on September 11 in the Nordic country.

“Clothes covering the face, like the niqab and the burqa, have no place in Norwegian schools. It is a fundamental value to be able to communicate with each other,” Per Sandberg, interim minister of immigration and integration, said.

They should be banned from all public locations. Some are using the covering up for criminal activities so they can’t be identified… Ban this in AMERICA too!

Good for Norway (Obviously an intelligent move). Rather than bow to or appease the impolite and self centered immigrants maybe it’s best to deter them UNLESS they are truly willing to adjust with respect to their new surroundings when they migrate.


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